Up to 20 years ago inselbergs belonged to the least disturbed ecosystems. Today many inselbergs are threatened by negative human activities. Among the major disturbances are mining, tourism, weed invasion and fire. In certain regions, for example in India near Bangalore and in Espirito Santo state in Brazil, inselbergs have completely disappeared from the landscape due to excessive mining. Our goal is to develop strategies which could result in the conservation of at least part of these iconic ecosystems.

blocks of granite, quarrying, Savandurg, near Bangalore, India
Mining in Espirito Santo state, Brazil
Granite mining in Espirito Santo state, Brazil
Coleochloa setifera burned,, IB c. 20km north of Ambalavao, Madagascar
Burned population of Alcantarea spp., Minas Gerais state, Brazil
Burned population of Vellozia spp., Minas Gerais state, Brazil